The Fellowship of the holy Ghost

November 26, 2018 / Holy Spirit

This means partnership, communication, oneness, unity, all of this and transportation. It says “… and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you….” The most important thing in the earth is the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

He didn’t say the fellowship of the lord Jesus Christ, He didn’t say the fellowship of God, He says the fellowship of the Holy Spirit this means the Holy Spirit is here for us to relate with. Because Jesus is in heaven, the father is in heaven, it’s the Holy Spirit that is here. He is here so we talk to Him, we talk with Him, we have fellowship together with Him.

Don’t ignore the Holy Spirit. Don’t ignore His voice, there is frustration outside the Holy Spirit, life is frustrating outside the Holy Spirit. There are many Christians who are frustrated. They are frustrated at home, they are frustrated at their finances, they are frustrated on their job, they are frustrated in many areas in their lives but they are Christians. So what is the reason for their frustration? They may pick on several things they may say this happened to me and that happened to me and have several reasons for their frustration, they are wrong! One reason they are frustrated is ignoring the Holy Spirit!

Think about it, the Holy Spirit knows what to do about everything. But when we ignore Him, we complain, we think someone else is our problem, we think well this is not working for me because so and so; so many times we destroy our friendship and relationship because we think that other fellow is our problem; and they are not.

A Christian who knows the Holy Spirit never cares about what someone else did against him. Never! Nobody else could be a factor. The only factor to your success is the Holy Spirit. If you ignore Him, you will miss the best in life and you will struggle your way through if you ignore Him.

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