The Anointing of God

November 26, 2018 / Holy Spirit

There are things that we cannot control, you know the bible says “…. The spirit of a prophet is subject to a prophet but that doesn’t mean that everything is subject to you. There are things that are done by God, there are things that are beyond us; for example, why do people fall when they are thinking I will never fall? And they are picked from the ground. You see, that is the blessing of God but it was beyond them.

Sometimes I fell that auction that anointing vibrating in my body in a way that I cannot stop it. It’s not our making; the things that happen and we need to recognize the Holy Spirit work in our lives and encourage the work of the Holy Spirit.

One of the things a lot of God’s children need to understand, is that Gods work needs to be encourage. How do you encourage the work of God in your life? by responding. Eli taught Samuel to respond, that was to encourage Gods work in his life. He was being raised to be a prophet, he heard to learn how to response to God.

Why was it that in the bible they had sons of the prophet, they were like in school of some kind because they were being trained on how to receive the word of God, and how to give the word of God. You see, the other prophet had to train the other prophet. God raised prophets like Elijah, Elisha, to train others. You see and they began to learn how to receive the word of God and to give the word of God.

What we are doing here we didn’t start it, it has been there from bible days; from time to time you will see how God raised someone to inspire some others, to help some others.

When the children of Israel needed to be brought out of Egypt, God sent a man. The bible said “….by a prophet Israel was delivered and by a prophet was Israel preserved”. it’s by a prophet. He didn’t say it’s by an angel, and the reason is the anointing of God is in a person, in a human being; he puts that anointing in a human being and sends that human begin to you, and what he wants you to do at that time is to recognize the anointing.

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