Being Filled with the Holy Ghost

November 26, 2018 / Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit of God is a gift of God to us, and He is a gift that everyone should have, in the church if the members are not filled with the spirit; you are going to have a terrible job. It will be difficult for you, if people are not yielded to the Holy Spirit, you will have arguments, they will have difficulty believing what you saying, telling story about what you saying, angry with one another, full of envy, bitterness and so on.

It is the Pastor’s responsibility to see to it that all the member of the church is filled with the Holy Spirit. Halleluiah!

There is a gift of God that is very important and it is called the laying on of hands, everybody those not have it; it’s a gift. You will notice that when a minister lay hand’s; there are those that nothing will happen there are those then when they lay hands on people you don’t see any visible thing, nothing really seems to happen. Alright now why is it so? Because it is a gift and some ministers are giving that gift for example the gift of prophecy is a gift, everyone does not have the gift of prophecy, but it is Gods will that everyone of us should have the gift of prophecy; because He told us to desire more to prophecy than any other gift so we could be a blessing to the church you see.

Why is the gift of the laying on of hands so important? Acts 8:16-20 this talking about Peter and John who was sent to go lay hands on those who received Jesus in Samaria. In verse 19 he was asking for the ability to lay hands on people so that the Holy Ghost will be giving, he is not asking for the Holy Ghost here; he was among those who received the Holy Ghost, read the previous verses, he was among those who received the Holy Ghost; so he noticed that through the laying on of the apostle hands the Holy Ghost was giving; so he gave him money, he says give me this power, so that anybody on whom I lay my hands on will receive the Holy Ghost.

So he was asking for the ability to transfer or transmit the Holy Ghost to someone else by the laying on of hands. So he is offering money to receive the ability to lay hands on people to receive the Holy Ghost, that’s what he is trying to buy.

Peter referred to the laying on of hands as the gift of God. So you see it is a gift of God, and every minister of God that is called to take the gospel needs to have that gift so that you have the ability to transfer the blessings of God

When we lay hands on people, we release into their lives blessings spiritual blessings of God; so this is important, and so if you don’t have that gift, you need it!

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