Encourage the manifestation of the Spirit through Prayer

November 26, 2018 / Prayer

A lot of times the service where most members attend, there we need the manifestation of the Spirit more than another service; because there’s where people need to be strengthened, a lot of weak members of the church attend those services which we call main services but they are the services we hardly give time to the Holy Ghost.

This is a problem, so we keep on having weak churches when we should have strong churches, halleluiah!

Don’t be afraid of those who are always looking at their watch when they are in church; if the manifestation of the Spirit is strong they will stay.

When I have a program called atmosphere for miracles live, now, when I have that meeting; they are aware before they come that service will be at less eight hours can you imagine that? They are already aware before they come that service will be at less eight hours, and so there is a time to enter and there is a time to close. So if you are not going to enter and stay till it is eight hours and we are done; don’t come. People still rush the tickets, why? Because imagine for eight hours it’s the supernatural power of God in demonstration; when you come out of that place, you are socked with God, halleluiah!

Give time to the manifestation of the spirit the Holy, and when you do, don’t say what do we do, how do I know what to do? The Holy Spirit will make it happen. He will show you what to do.

The question is if you have received the Holy Spirit yourself? if you have; then He will manifest Himself through you. When you preach or teach, before you do learn to pray. It’s not because you have not been praying; and then what kind of prayer should you pray. It is not so much of what you are going to say, as it is about getting yourself under the anointing, and getting yourself into the consciousness of the spirit in prayer.

The prayer here is not making war with God as if God is responsible for the lost sinners. No he is responsible for their salvation; He didn’t make them loss salvation. He is the one saving them, He is the one wanting to heal them; so am not talking about wrestling with God. The old saints called it wrestling with God, that we wrest with Him until He agrees to save them. He didn’t cause the problem; He is the solution.

So in prayer, what kind of prayer should you pray?

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