Give yourself to Meditation

November 26, 2018 / Prayer

Through meditation, your spirit will be conditioned to the influence and atmosphere of the Holy Ghost for whatever the Spirits plan is for your life at a particular point in time. Giving yourself to meditation is to let the Holy Ghost, am not talking about mere rumination on the word, that’s not what am talking about, am not talking about you quoting some scripture. Am talking about meditating on scripture, that is another type of meditation and that is important, you meditate on the word; that is very vital. What am talking about right now is not the meditation on the word, it is the meditation on the Spirit.

Remember this, we are born of the word of God and we are born of the Spirit of God, that’s what the bible says. He said we are born of the word and we are born of the Spirit. Who are we born of word or Spirit? Because you see the word without the Spirit will not work, the spirit without the word will not work because the Spirit is the Spirit of God and the word is the word of God.

The word of God became flesh and dwelt among us, without the Spirit He couldn’t do what he was sent to do. So we are born of the word through the Spirit and we are born of the Spirit through the word. The word is important in your life and the Spirit is important in your life; so meditation on the word is one thing it is the one many Pastors know about, not many know about the mediation on the Spirit.

This is the one am bring to your understanding now, the meditation on the Spirit. Recognize that you have to meditate on the Spirit. When you meditate on the Spirit, He will transport you, there is where you have the realms of visions of revelations when you meditate on the Spirit. You see meditation on the Spirit is actually communion of the Spirit, you set your heart on Him, He said “…… My son give me your heart and let your eyes observe my ways”

When you meditate on the Spirit, He start taking you, He start showing you things. He says “…. I do what I see my father do” how? By vision, He knows what His father is doing, He does what His father does. And who is this father? The Holy Spirit. So if you will meditate on the Holy Spirit, He will show you.

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