Take advantage in the grace that is in Christ Jesus

November 26, 2018 / Christian Living

Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus, not many understand this and yet we say the prayer every time at the close of the meeting, we say let’s share the grace and we thing we are ask to share the grace. That not what he said. When we say let’s share the grace we are actually referring to let’s recite the prayer so we go the grace of the lord Jesus Christ the love of God and the sweet fellowship of the holy spirit….” So to us we are pronouncing the benediction. But there is so much in here, what a prayer yet what an instruction, the grace of the lord Jesus Christ be with you. No wonder he ended it with Amen!

Can you take advantage of that grace? This grace brought us untold abilities, this grace made us more than conquers, this grace made us an absolute success and how have taking advantages of it. Grace is the ability of God in you, Grace is the gift of God manifest in you.

He has made us able, Paul says I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. I can do! what a mental, I have the spirit of excellence, and when I do it nobody can do it like me. I can do!

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you, so what I am strong in that grace, I take advantage in that grace praise God! We pray and ask God for things all the time, and we haven’t even taken advantage of that which has been made available to us.

In the book of James, the 5 chapter look at the thinks of the apostles of God, James says Elisha is a man subject to like passion as we are, look the way they thought. Elisha was just like us and then he prayed and got answers. We can pray and get answers! verse 17 look at what James says that “Elias is a man subject to like passion as we are, …….” in other words he could be tied, he could be hungry, anything you think Elisha felt it, that’s what this is saying fears could come to him, doubt could come to him, don’t think that because you have faith doubt cannot attack you; doubt can come but that’s why God reside in your spirit and you can stand against doubt and fear and unbelieve. “Elias is a man subject to like passion as we are, …….” The idea is he prayed and got answer, you too can pray and get answers to your prayer.

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