Let’s Gods Love gain Expression through You

November 26, 2018 / Christian Living

Studying the 5th chapter in the book of romans tells us that the Love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost. I carry the love of God in me. Never find yourself bitter, there some people who live in bitterness, bitter because somebody did something against them so they are unhappy and that now controls their life. Every-day they are thinking about what that fellow did to them, but the love of God should be working in your heart.

He wants you to experiences the love of God every-day. But you can’t experience the love of God in isolation. The love of God wants to flow through you, that’s the way to experience the love of God. The love of God passes through you, it works through you, it can’t stop at you. You experience the love of God by extending the love of God. You pass it on; that’s the way to experience the love of God.

This is a sinner and someone comes to talk to him about the love of God and he is listening, he is touched because the message of love has come to him, and he says ho! I didn’t know God loves me so much. That’s the message of Love, he response by saying thank you but then the love is not working yet until he turns to someone else and say look what the lord has done for me. Then, now that love starts working.

He has to tell someone else about it otherwise he hasn’t open is heart to it. When you receive Gods love, you pass Gods love, if you don’t pass it, you loss it. Love can’t stay there, that’s why he say don’t quench love because love can be quenched. Love works like fire and if you are going to keep the fire on what do you do, you are going to continually put material in it to burn, more material to burn. If you are not going to put in more material to burn what happens? Love quenches.

So, they have got to be someone else to get that love and someone else and someone else, and someone else and the more we share it, the more we pass it on, the more of it we experience

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