September 25, 2019 / Christian Living, Prayers

Blessed are they that mourn that they shall be comforted, he’s not saying blessed is that man whose uncle died and he’s mourning, he’s not saying blessed is that man whose child died, no, its not talking about that kind of mourning, because Jesus was a Prophet and he’s using Prophetic language here. Alright? He’s using Prophetic language and its important to understand it, when you read about the Prophets, you’d see Prophets who mourned and the bible tells us how they would put ashes on their head or tear their clothes because they mourned, what was the mourning about? They weren’t mourning because they lost something, they were mourning because of the children of God, who had either gone into captivity or something went wrong and God’s people had become victims or the people weren’t serving God the way they should be serving God, so they mourned in intercession. That’s what its talking about, it says blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted.

How has this affected you? In your life, do things concerning other people get your attention? Its one of the problems we have among Christians today, they hear that so and so doesn’t go to church anymore, they don’t mourn, they don’t cry in prayer, to them something is wrong with the church or something is wrong with the person and that’s all. Nobody is praying. Its as though many of us have become so callous in our hearts. You know, one of the beautiful things I enjoy looking at is when I see the names of certain people who today are ministers or leaders among us all over the place and I’ve had their names in different files and people don’t know what those names are doing there, but I wrote them down for intercession, I was praying for them. .

If I noticed someone had a terrible attitude, I put his name there, if I see somebody who probably was inconsistent, I put his name there, I’ve got names of several people. There are some people I just noticed in church, maybe I talked to them or somebody told me I found out that they just were never stable in their business, but they had abilities and nothing was going right. I knew the answer, Intercession.

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